Firebird 2.0
PHP5 Programming

Overview of accessing the Service Manager

Firebird has a powerful Service Manager concept that allows client programs to perform many DBA (administration) tasks. The Firebird driver makes those facilities available to PHP programs.


<service_function> ::=
   | <service_detach>
   | <server_info>
   | <add_user>
   | <modify_user>
   | <delete_user>
   | <db_info>
   | <maintain_db>
   | <backup>
   | <restore>


The following functions are available to interact with the Service Manager:

  • service_attach
    This function connects to the service manager of a specific server, typically using the DBA login credentials. It returns a service handle which is required by all other service manager functions.

  • service_detach
    This function closes a connection to the service manager

  • server_info
    This function returns information about the Firebird server itself

  • add_user, modify_user, delete_user
    These three functions allow the maintenance of the user security database, which holds the login information for all users of the Firebird server.

  • db_info
    This function returns statistical information about a specific database on the server.

  • maintain_db
    This function allows to perform verification and repair operations on a database

  • backup, restore
    These functions allow to start backup and restore operations on databases on the server.

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