Firebird 2.0
PHP5 Programming

Overview of the Firebird PHP API

The Firebird PHP5 API consists of seven function groups, each dealing with a different area of functionality:

<firebird_api> ::=
   | <transaction_function>
   | <sql_statement_function>
   | <result_set_function>
   | <blob_function>
   | <event_function>
   | <services_function>


The API function groups are:

  • Connection functions
    These functions deal with creating connections from the PHP server to the Firebird server. A connection signifies a specific database on a specific Firebird server.

  • Transaction functions
    These functions deal with starting and finalising transactions on the Firebird server. A transaction is a unit of work on the server that is either commited as a whole or rolled back as a whole.

  • SQL statement functions
    These functions deal with preparing and executing SQL statements on a database. The SQL statements can potentially return a result set.

  • Result set functions
    These functions deal with retrieving and reading the data contained in a result set. Each row of data can be returned either as a regular array, an associative array or as a PHP object.

  • Blob functions
    These functions deal with working with Blobs, binary large objects. Typically these hold very large amounts of text or images. The Firebird driver can stream images straight from the database to the browser.

  • Event functions
    These functions deal with receiving and acting on Firebird events. Events are a special Firebird mechanism to allow the Firebird server to communicate with the connected clients.

  • Services functions
    These functions allow PHP programs to perform many DBA type tasks, such as initiating backup and restore sequences, to manage the user security database, and to get performance data.

The above function groups are discussed in the next chapters. An alphabetic index is given in the next chapter.

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