Firebird 2.0


The aliases.conf file defines mapping between symbolic database names and full database file access paths. Mappings are in of the form:

symbolic_name = full path

  • The symbolic_name is a string that contains no whitespace and names a database on the server being configured.

  • The full path is a string giving a full path to the database file containing the database.

Symbolic database names and paths are case-sensitive on Linux but not on Windows. As in all of Firebird's configuration files, the '#' symbols are comment markers, as in the following example:

# fbdb1 is on a Windows server:
fbdb1 = c:\Firebird\sample\Employee.fdb
# fbdb2 is on a Linux server
fbdb2 = /opt/databases/killergames.fdb

You can edit aliases.conf whilst the server is running. There is no need to stop and restart the server in order for new aliases.conf entries to be recognised.

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