Chord Method

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Draws a chord. A chord is the segment of a secant (line segment) between it's intersections with an ellipse.


Sub Chord(ByVal x1 As Single, ByVal y1 As Single, ByVal x2 As Single, ByVal y2 As Single, ByVal x3 As Single, ByVal y3 As Single, ByVal x4 As Single, ByVal y4 As Single)

Syntax Description

x1,y1, x2,y2 Defines the bounding rectangle.

x3,y3 Defines the first radial's ending point.

x4,y4 Defines the second radial's ending point.


The curve of the chord is defined by an ellipse that fits the specified bounding rectangle. The curve begins at the point of intersection of the ellipse and the first radial. The curve then extends counterclockwise to the point of intersection of the ellipse andsecond radial. (A radial is a line segment drawn from the ellipse's center to the designated endpoint on the ellipse.) Drawing a line from the point of intersection of the first radial and the curve to point of intersection of the second radial and the curve closes the chord.

A complete ellipse can be drawn by making the starting and ending point of the curve the same.

Like the Arc method, the Chord method does not use nor update the current position. The chord is drawn and filled using the current brush and pen.

See Also:

AngleArc method, Pie method